We all know the designer Federico famousand which is developing videos brilliant fictional YouTube for devices and Apple before they are issued formally, will mention that this designer has designed video is fantastic for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and iPad and iPod Touch, as well as Serie and many designs fictional, thistime deafness making video Imagine a device the iPhone 6, video Istred design iPhone 6 and inspired by the design of the seventh generation of device the iPod Nano, as video also showed the device interfaceValusbandh completely changed, especially icons, which became like icons system Macincreased to the home screenthe device has become a rotating Baloapad

Design in video much like the design of the Allomaa the Nokia As we mentioned earlier GFI one of the topicsVenukia imitated the design of the iPod nano in the device Allomaa own and for this when the designer Federico Bastoh design iPhone 6 of iPod Nano it appeared identical to the design AllomaaAfter all leave for Tru first some imaginative design images:

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