sikmentechApple iOS 6.1 beta 4 | 17.3 GB
BETA iOs 6.1. Installation requires a developer certificate.
In the absence of a certificate can be tried in iTunes press Shift + Refresh (Alt + Refresh in OS X), but the performance in this case is not guaranteed, all do at your own risk!

The 4 beta adds support for Thai. Fixed Push Notification when working with Exchange accounts. Previously, the problem could occur when switching between mobile Internet and network Wi-Fi. The reset button is now advertising the ID tab Advertising in Settings - General - About your device.

Duration of the iOS 6.1 beta 4 to 28 January 2013.
Key features:
- Maps. In iOS 6.1 in the Map Kit Framework new classes MK Local Search, MK Local Search Request and MK Local Search Response. They can use the application to search for addresses and points of the map. The results are displayed directly in the application, that is, in some cases, eliminate the need once again to open the Maps application.

- Passbook. The new version of iOS app Passbook will check both the date and location. The ticket will be valid only if two conditions are met simultaneously.
- Settings. In iOS 6.1, a new button Reset Advertising Identifier (Reset ID) has been added to the configuration parameters of advertising. This button will reload the ad identifier for changing the query.
- New window on lokskrine player, forward and back buttons are spaced farther.
- UDID replaced ad ID.
- Ability to reset the ad ID.
- Item «Weibo» will be displayed in the Preferences under the condition that the Chinese keyboard.
- Siri buying movie tickets.
picIz subjectively noticed by me, on the iPhone 5, as compared to 6.0.1:
- Disappeared lag when opening search spotlight.
- Faster began working App Store, iTunes Store without changes.
- Changed the scrolling in Safari, it became sharper and smoother, but the inertia of the smaller scrolls a little less than 1 screen down (about the Page Down button on your computer.)
- Battery life has changed, and if it is very insignificant. Per night now takes at 5% and 3%. On the day, still not enough.

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