- Easy work, download apps in iPhone/iPad/iPod to get points
- 3000 points = 5$ , 6000 points = 10$, and withraw to your Paypal
- You can get 5000 points a day if u do some tricks
- apps update daily
- Use VPN or Proxy to get more apps

Now we start:
Step 1: In iPhone/iPod/iPad, open Safari and enter the address:


then click Let Start and Sign Up

Step 2: click Let's Go

Step 3: Install featurepoints

Step 4: after installed, it will return to home page automatically.
u fill JMM3D2 and click I Agree to Terms to earn first 50 points.

Then you can start download apps to get more point.
after downloaded apps, u open it at least 30 seconds in order to get point then u can delete those apps u had got points
When u get 3000 or 6000 points u can withdraw $ to your Paypal in Rewards


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