Sergey Brin announced "one of the founders of Google" officially glasses Google during the Google I / O last year, since that time, trading technology lovers a lot of questions about this new device from Google and unique in the world of computers, will answer in this post for most of thethese questions

What Google Glasses?
Google glasses is a small computer that can be worn on the head performs simple tasks, with a screen positioned either small eye, is used as a supplement for SmartphoneWhat are the tasks that glasses can Google do?- Voice Search- Navigational guidance while driving a car or bike or on foot- Capture and share photos via Google +- Start a group video conversation via Google Hangout- Answer the phone calls- Send text messages- Results of voice commandsWhat are the requirements that you need for it to work?Google glasses is not a mobile phone, but it is linked with mobile phone use ALL Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can also connect them with Internet using Rutter Wi-FiDo you work with other non-Android phones?Google glasses works with the iPhone, but with limited functions, full working order and functions must be used with Android phone, yet Google announces glasses compatibility with operating systems other than iOSWhat are the components of the glasses?Consists of the structure of glasses normal without lenses, rod plastic on the right side comes out cubic glass is positioned in front of the eye, contains the headphones, indicator light, charging port Micro-USB, camera button, taking pictures, battery located behind the right ear, touch panel sensitive to Kasbah plasticWhat are the colors of the glasses?Black, white, gray, orange, blue, cyanWhere are the screen?Screen located inside the glass cube and be positioned against the region that lies between the eyebrow and upper eyelid, and not directly opposite the eye, size 0.5 inchesWhat is the screen resolution?Avoid Google disclosed for the accuracy of the screen, only saying that the accuracy is high enoughHow is controlled glasses?There are two ways to control them, the voice commands are initiated by the word "ok glass" in addition to the touchpadYou can control by using the eye or the head?Not telling you control the movement of the head in glasses, but if you look at the eyes of the top, you will occupy Standby screen and be able to control them through voice commandsWhat over the hardness bifocals?The glasses are made of titanium and plastic, can withstand falls from a height of 180 cm for solid ground without any damageIs it waterproof?Certainly not, Google strongly warned of exposing glasses of liquidsWhat is the battery life?According to Google, the battery will work for a full day before having to be recharged, but the group video calls Google Hangout drains the battery quicklyWhat is the storage space?Glasses equipped with internal memory size of 16GB, but the actual available memory is 12GBIs the weight of the glasses is similar to the weight of regular bifocals?Google glasses weigh 36 grams, can be heavier or lighter than regular bifocals and depending on the material used in the manufacture of the structure of these glassesWhat is the accuracy of the camera in the glasses?5 megapixel camera, with the possibility of automatic adjustment of Focal Auto focusWhat is the video resolution rendered Tltqth bifocals?You can capture 720p video, virtual duration of the video clip is 10 seconds, but you can increase this time by press and hold the button image captureHow do I share media with others?There are two ways to share video and photos, the first by Google +, the second through the transfer of video and images to a computer using a micro USB port, and then shared computerCan I watch the video on the glasses?You can view clips recorded by using only the glasses, in any case watch video on a half-inch screen positioned in front of your eye will not be funCan I take a snapshot of the screen in Google glasses?There is an option named Screencast in bifocals settings displays the content of the screen on a mobile phone, after viewing content on a mobile phone screen you can take a snapshot on the phoneIs there a difference in voice recognition between the glasses and smart phones?Google glasses use the same voice recognition engine used in smart phones, so there will be no differenceCan you bifocals to read the code QR?Yes
Do you use bifocals obscure see user?During the use of the screen will appear always within your peripheral vision, but being transparent limits of blocking the user to see, after the passage of time will adapt to see the ocean around you while using the glassesDo you use causes headaches?Maybe get a headache when used for the first time, Google recommends that you use the glasses for a few times in the beginning and then increase the time gradually to use that the user gets used to itCan I use it while driving a car?Technically yes, but its use distract the driver and offer it for riskAre you outgoing radio waves for bifocals are harmful to health?Google glasses is not a mobile phone, glasses linked to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, is considered waves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth weaker than the mobile phone wavesIf others filmed using glasses you will discover I Osourhm?
Bifocals issued an audible sound when taking a picture, as you ستنطق voice command in order to pick up the glasses image
When can I buy them?Currently Google glasses available in the market, can be purchased from Google if you are a member of the project developers, if you are not well wait until you put the glasses in the commercial market in 2014

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