was leaked today, and it patches the previous Evasi0n Jailbreak as we warned our viewers earlier.

iOS 6.1.3 Update

This jailbreak can be done on either Mac, Windows or linux. It is a good practice to back up your idevice content before doing this process as at the worst possible outcome you may need to restore your idevice.


Before we start make sure that you have disabled your pass-code lock if you have enabled it on your device by going into settings / General / Pass-code lock. Of-course you can turn it back on after the jailbreak is complete.

1. Download Evasi0n 1.2(Moded), and open it on your PC/MAC. You should see the following screen:

2. Connect your idevice (evasion should recognize it automatically). You will get warning if any applications is open that will interrupt it.

3. Click “Jailbreak” and let the process complete.

4. Part of the process through, you will get the notification to tap a new icon on your idevice. After unlocking the screen you will find a new application called “Jailbreak”. Your jailbreak will continue after starting that App.

Tap on Jailbreak

5. Wait for the process to finish, and your idevice will reboot, showing the logo and varios status messages.

Wait for Jailbreak to finish

6. After the process, Cydia will be installed and your idevice will be jailbroken!

That's it! As with all iOS untethered jailbreaks, there is no danger of rebooting your idevice, so there will be no final step to boot your device tethered!



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