Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

LinkedIn Announces Intro, an iPhone Mail Enhancer: “Intro shows you LinkedIn profiles in your iPhone Mail app. This is a rich, interactive, application-like experience—right in your iPhone Mail app.”
Facebook Improves Mobile Ad Performance: “Facebook has simplified the buying process for mobile app ads by giving you the option to bid and optimize for mobile app installs.”
facebook cpa mobile ad
Facebook "will gradually roll out the video creative and CPA buying options out to all developers and advertisers who are measuring installs."
LinkedIn Reinvents iPad App: LinkedIn has rebuilt the app for iPad “from the ground up offering a fresh, new visual design, a personalized experience and new functionality like search, jobs, channels and influencers that shines on the tablet.”
linkedin reinvents ipad app
"The first thing you'll notice is that the feed looks very different." They "have brought the people to the forefront."
Facebook Adds Video to Mobile App Ads: “Now you can use video creative in your mobile app ad aimed at driving installs to bring your app to life in Facebook’s mobile news feed.”
facebook video install ads
Facebook "recommend videos that showcase the best features of your app, including use of lifestyle or product shots along with in-app screenplays."
Foursquare Rolls Out New Look: “A new look for Foursquare.com that brings the best of Foursquare to your browser.”
new look foursquare
"Load the page any time of the day," and Foursquare will "show you the perfect suggestions for that moment."
Tumblr Upgrades Customize Panel: Tumblr has “rolled out some major upgrades to the Customize panel” and “made big updates to the source code editor.”
upgrades to tumblr customize panel
A few of the upgrades include a real-time theme preview, new color picker and many fonts.
Tumblr Refreshes Dashboard: “The dashboard just got a touchup! It’s the same dashboard you know, with a cleaner and more minimal design.”
tumblr touch up
Tumblr's new minimal dashboard design.
Facebook Launches Stories to Share: For Facebook pages of media organizations, Facebook is “beginning to test a new feature called Stories to Share.”
facebook stories to share
"Stories to Share makes it even easier for media sites to find the most engaging content they might want to post on Facebook."
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