Games are just changing the way people used to think, now everything is going to be real and live in the gaming world, you can easily interact with your friends while being an avatar or something, you can still catch up with them using live feeds, so overall games are exploring the mind possibilities any person could think upto and big companies are doing this for us, they are coming up with adventures gameplay’s that lasts forever till you get old, like many people are waiting for GTA V including me, the addiction it has given to every youth is unbelievable, people usually complete every mission of it but still they love to play it in free more for months and so on. But there are still more games that leave a lasting impressions and I am gonna post 5 hottest games that are going to be released in 2013.

Assassins Creed BlackFlag
 - this game has already accomplished a nice base with its earlier version, well it’s a continuous game and now this season its fourth part is going to be launched its basically planned to be launched by 28 Nov.Well all these games would come with price tag but still these games are worth to be paid up for, as you are going to squeeze every bit of entertainment from these games.
  1. Batman Arkham Origins - I played its earlier version, and I do not have to specifically say that it was awesome, the game was dark and covered mostly every crime scene that you can imagine. Sounds & everything just rocked out, Bit scary when Jokers roll’s but still awesome well its new version if going to be launched on 25 Oct.
  2. Battlefield 4 - I even played the third version the graphics were rocking and now another version is going to be launched that claims to bring new graphics more modernistic and much more real lets see what we will see, will launch approx. 1 Nov.
  3. Watch Dogs - well I do not know about what kind of past this game holds but I have a strong feeling that this game is going to cross all the limits of what gangster and crime game has to offer. Its going to be launched by 22 Nov.
  4. GTA V - king of all, ruling gaming industry for years, no other game except Saints Row III sits along side GTA series as this game has something real to offer public, but now with GTA V they have re-imagined everything so its going to be more like 10 times much more awesome then GTA San Andreas, well that wordings bring a spring of Joy into me, well I am cramming to play this game, going to be released by 17 Sep.

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