Lock software for Android
Smart Lock 3.1 Android

We all have personal information on your mobile, and we do not want others to have access to it. So we have no choice but to use the software lock.

Old lock mobile software, could only on the personal folders (like Gallery) do locking. But new software can even program the entire mobile phone to lock. lock on handset applications is very important. Especially applications like IM (Vaybr, Vycht), email, and social networking applications (Aynstagram, Facebook) and contains important and personal information should be available to others around us are.

If your Android phone or tablet you have, software, Smart Lock Android Mobile Security you can provide. That way only you will have access to protected areas.

The most important feature of software lock Android Smart Lock Android:
- Locking on a personal folder (like Gallery)
- Locking on programs (Vaybr, Aynstagram, email, Vycht, Facebook, etc.)
- Locking on documents and text files
- Locking on SMS and Messaging Software
- Locking on the contact list
- Locking on camera
- Mobile with password protection for security

With the help of this software you can put your mobile phone to call anyone, he did not have access to your personal information.

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