Funny face photo editing software download android
Photo Warp 1.2 Android

Probably most of you with the tools Warp software photo editing are familiar. With this tool, you can drag the desired image until it finds the elongation mode. With the help of this tool you can create interesting effects and funny.

Now we want software for Android that can tell you the same thing (ie, creating tension in the picture) do. So you give people fun and funny pictures.

Software Photo Warp in Mobile and Android tablets can install simple task becomes a very satisfying result. By this software, you can create your own custom stretch. Software to help you prepare or effects.

Examples of the shift is determined by the software above.

In addition to hilarious effects , this software can be fat or thin to be used.

The new version of editing software, android funny face photo, Photo Warp 1.2 Android download:

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