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File Expert Pro 6 Android

OS Android is designed for all users (novice and professional) be used. One reason, Android File Manager on the phone itself undertakes. Camera files such as photos and videos, photos Vaybr, files received from bluetooth, downloaded files and ...

The Android operating system and interface with their little programs, allowing access to the types of files the user provides. For this reason, the default file manager software ( File Manager ) is not.

Because there is no file manager on Android, is to avoid user confusion. The Android Eye beginner user sees all users need to have OS.

However, the file manager can not fully access the files, but all professional users prefer aFile Manager application to have access to their files directly. File Manager feature provides a graphical user interface for Android that does not exist. (Like the Cut, Copy, Paste, or modify the Properties of ...)

In this, one of the best and most professional software for file management android'll introduce you.

Software File Expert Pro 's unique set of features allows the user to manage files in your possession. This software can be installed on Android mobile phones and tablets and use.Read more familiar with the capabilities of the software will.

The most important software features File Manager File Expert Pro:
- Direct access to the files on the phone (RAM, peripherals, and memory card SD)
- عملیات Cut, Copy, Paste
- Creating a new folder or rename them
- Ability to transfer files from a memory segment to other segments
- Photo and video transfer to the memory card to free up internal memory
- Access to system files android
- Open zip files Zip and Rar
- File and folder compression
- Advanced File
- Ability to backup all installed software and games
- Access to cloud storage spaces (like Google Drive, DropBox)
- View hidden files (Hidden) and also hide custom folder
- Clearing extra files from phone memory

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